Trailer: Execs by On Deck

Episode Summary

You’re listening to the trailer for Execs - a new podcast hosted by Erik Torenberg and produced by On Deck. Scaling a tech company is hard. Founders know how to build products and get customers, but they often don’t know how to build & scale an org. Founders have to hire people to do things they’ve never done before... people like the ones on our show. Our guests are experienced, non-founding executives in key roles at top tech companies. Starting January 25th, these execs will join Erik to share their earned secrets, detailing firsthand knowledge they’ve gained solving rare and hard problems. These lessons haven’t yet been synthesized and shared publicly yet because our guests are too busy running their companies to share it. We’ve found elite leaders for every exec role, from the VP of people at Lever to a Chief Revenue Officer at Flexport to Head of International for Clubhouse. We’ll release our first three episodes on January 25th and then episodes every Tuesday after that. We hope that the frameworks, playbooks and tactics you learn from our show help your companies thrive.